6 weeks

So I can now bear weight with the walking boot! Yea! I have a few weeks with the boot and then will able to transition to a shoe. The Doctor thinks everything is healing well and wants me to do… Read more6 weeks

one month

I wanted to share an updated picture of the foot…one month post surgery. Every day it gets a little bit better. In one week, I hope to start to be weight bearing. Physical therapy is going well and I already… Read moreone month

quick check

We had to make a quick trip to the Doctor’s office Thursday morning.  The Doctor wanted to check an area on my ankle that was not healing very fast.  It is the area where all the previous surgery took place,… Read morequick check

3 weeks out

Friday marked 3 weeks since my Total Ankle Replacement surgery.  Things are healing good and it is feeling better every day.  I have started physical therapy to get what movement I can get back, and also to improve my muscle… Read more3 weeks out

one week down

Today officially marks one week since my ankle replacement surgery.  Honestly, this was a lot harder than the last one.  My reaction to the anesthesia was worse.  The pain was about the same as the other surgery.  And as of… Read moreone week down

day 4

Its now day 4 since the surgery, and I have to say it is much better.  I had some unpleasant and unwanted side effects from the anesthesia that were just making me feel terrible.  Those side effects are pretty much… Read moreday 4