getting real

The surgery is now only a little over 2 days away.  Trying to tell my nerves to settle down.  Trying to be positive.  Trying…. Deep in my heart I know it will be okay.  Just wish someone would tell that… Read moregetting real


Don’t take your health for granted.  Too many times, it is taken away from us in a hearbeat.  Car accidents, cancer, heart attacks.  They all happen in an instant.  One minute you are cruising along just fine.  Working.  Taking care… Read morechoices

two feet

Today I was able to walk with the help of just one crutch to lean on.  It felt good to be upright.  It hurt a little bit but not too terrible.  I needed to be on my two feet today…. Read moretwo feet

looking good

Doctor’s appointment on Thursday went good!  My fears were put to rest.  The ankle is healing.  The area of the stitches looks good.  The xray looks like it is healing the way the Doctor wants it to!  Yeah! I have… Read morelooking good

run away

There are times in life that are just difficult.  Right now I am feeling like I could just run away from everything.  If I could I would just get in my little mustang convertible and just drive, headed somewhere different…. Read morerun away

back at it

Well, back to work tomorrow.  I am fortunate my husband works in the same community and I have a way to get to my office easily.  I am happy, yet nervous because I have to get around on a knee… Read moreback at it